is something we really love. Throughout many years, the short “hey-you-like-taking-photos-bring-your-2pixel-camera-today” was our nickname. As time went by, megapixels increased and so did our interest in photography. Sporadic photo shoots occurred amongst our friends at various parties and band gigs, where we received positive feedback, which motivated us even more. Soon, we had reached the “I-know-a-good-photo-guy” level, and managed to do some gigs for people we didn’t know. Those people were so amazed, they stood in awe of our work.

Ok, it wasn’t literally like that, but, after all, this is the “about us” section.

The fact that your work has lighten a day for someone is something that motivates us to keep pushing, therefore the tacky “do something you love and you’ll never work a day in your life” is applicable to this situation. What’s great about this field of work is that almost every time we made good acquaintances, and in some cases, good friends amongst those very people who were looking for the “photo guy”. It’s very important for us to develop a connection and, throughout taking photos, create memories out of wonderful moments. Each and one of us has that spark that makes them special, and our goal is to capture it.

In conclusion, we think it’s appropriate to end this section with another tacky phrase: “A picture is worth a thousand words.”


Dinko Pasini

When it comes to photos, I’ve always been amazed with cameras and their cool “photo-clicking” sounds. An accidental turn of events got me thinking about approaching photography more seriously. My band at the time, where I played guitar, needed a music video and lacked appropriate finances to produce one. Since I had an interest in that kind of stuff , I made a video for my band. Little by little, here I am, writing a text for this page. When I’m not thinking about photography and film, I’m thinking about food. For instance, right now I’m thinking how salmon, such an ugly fish, has such a beautiful taste.


Ivo Dunat

I’ve always had an interest in photography and have engaged in it more actively during my college days. As time went by, my love for it increased, especially for portraits – I think that by making portraits you can capture something unique. Aside from photography, music is also a huge part of my life, I love to play, as well as listen to it. I play bass guitar in a band Flyer, and we’re working on our third album right now! I’ve graduated from the Faculty of Economics and Business at the University of Zagreb, where I also got my Master’s Degree in Managerial Informatics. Cooking and wine tasting are also my two big passions. An ideal Sunday cannot happen without a nice home-cooked lunch, a homemade bread, a glass of wine or two and sprinkled with good music.